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Let us take this opportunity to invite Kirti Kumari Tikyani to Helping Brainz family. She actually was a guest speaker for one of the Helping Brainz event on PEACE, wherein she spoke specifically about Mauritius. Being impressed with the modus operandi of Helping Brainz, she expressed her will to work with Helping Brainz especially in the field of Public Health and Hygiene, she along with the same will be presenting our first paper on Health Information Literacy Drives at UNESCOS MIL.

Kirti is a Dietician/Nutrition Counselor with the leading hospitals of Delhi NCR. She completed her Masters from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She holds dual citizenship (Mauritian and India).


HelpingBrainz.Org (Regd.) is a weekend volunteer group which mainly focuses on Women and Child Empowerment , Nature Conservation, Peace, Elderly Care and Community Development.  HelpingBrainz.Org believes that Social work is more than Philanthropy, showing Sympathy & Empathy, giving Donations. We encourage our fellow beings to use their skill sets for community, since we believe in Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion.

  • Founded by Yedhu Krishna Menon in Aug 2012 (name coined by Aavneet Singh Johar and Yedhu Krishna Menon).
  • The website (an online portal about all our works) of HelpingBrainz.Org was launched on January 26th 2014, by 6 mothers from 6 different geographical regions.

Hey – Why don’t you check our Presentation on Helping Brainz


We engage ourselves in conducting :

  • Root cause analysis and gap analysis on social issues
  • Market/ground research (sting operations) on the sprouting stations of the social issues
    • Research, Case Studies on social issues
    • Operational Research on human understandings (human psychology)
  • Social discussions/Social movements on the collated reports and findings via Social Media, Experience Sharing Congresses in Schools, Colleges, Corporates and Community Gathering Centres
  • Finding out ways to fix the same [ trouble shooting social issues ]

Till now, we have :

  • Made our chapters in educational institutions in Delhi, Kerala, Haryana, UP and Karnataka
  • 500+ global supporters , supporting us with their expertise
  • Been associated/worked  with 20 global community service councils .

We’ve Conducted :

  • –adopted and volunteered in more than 10+ rural areas around Delhi NCR,
  • –completed 60+ social development projects,
  • –reached to 6500+ underprivileged and helped them draw their dreams,
  • –500+ women empowered ( through legal aid, knowledge sharing empowerment sessions )
  • –350+ families reached,
  • –helped in the employment of 200+ unemployed youths from rural areas,
  • –10+ rural development schools working with us,
  • –5 MNCs and 1-Youth Leadership organization working with us in community service,
  • –7-NGOs  and 2-International Schools working with us  activity partners,
  • –500+ volunteers from 5 different geographical locations,
  • –team of 48 working voluntarily from 6-geographical locations,
  • –8-experienced panel members to guide the young working force!

We work :

  • Only on weekends as our team-mates are mainly Students, Engineers, Teachers, Professors/Lecturers , Govt.Servants and other Professionals.

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