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Newest Helping Brainz

Let us take this opportunity to invite Kirti Kumari Tikyani to Helping Brainz family. She actually was a guest speaker for one of the Helping Brainz event on PEACE, wherein she spoke specifically about Mauritius. Being impressed with the modus operandi of Helping Brainz, she expressed her will to work with Helping Brainz especially in the field of Public Health and Hygiene, she along with the same will be presenting our first paper on Health Information Literacy Drives at UNESCOS MIL.

Kirti is a Dietician/Nutrition Counselor with the leading hospitals of Delhi NCR. She completed her Masters from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She holds dual citizenship (Mauritian and India).

Ujjwal Najafgarh – 2017

Helping Brainz in association with #AnuragFoundation (Organization led by Archana Jha), conducted “Ujjwal – a day with Chotus” for the 80 underprivileged children from the slums of Dharampura, Najafgarh at Anurag Foundation’s centre. Dharampura. The event consisted of Paint your dreams painting competition, distribution of school stationery items and one-time meal, movie shows, performances by students, and prize distributions.

The event was sponsored by Maitreyee Dasgupta, Gaurav Gupta and Tinu NY.

Around 80 children drew their dreams in the event, which was spearheaded and orchestrated by Madhup Modi and Pankaj Jha(Child Empowerment Leaders, Helping Brainz). The people who made a difference, for the wonderful happening of the event where Ainee Tanwir, Vanshita Kumar and Prateek Sudera (Interns, Helping Brainz), Sree Lakshmi , Sushmanjali Nuthalapati, Shipra Mathur and Elakshri Agarwal (Volunteers with Helping Brainz ) and YedhuKrishna Menon (Founder, Helping Brainz).

As a plan-B, Helping Brainz will be launching dental health campaigns and educational counselling sessions for the children within next 28 days.

This was Helping Brainz’s 81st social and community development event. We alone can’t make a difference, those who want to make a difference can write to help@helpingbrainz.org


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5th International Cultural Congress for Peace

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace – Jimi Hendrix

To teach the next-gen leaders (students) the power of love, Helping Brainz in collaboration with ASTER Public School, Noida hosted the 5th International Cultural Congress for Peace at Aster’s Noida campus. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Usha Mujoo Munshi (Chief Guest), Dr. (Prof) Sakhi John John (Guest of Honour), Dr. Sharbari Banarjee (Principal, ASTER Public School, Noida), and the delegates from various world nations (Afghanistan, Mauritius, Nepal and Ethiopia). Event consisted of peace talk shows and presentations by Dr. Usha Mujoo Munshi (Peace and Education), Dr. (Prof) Sakhi John (Students and Peace, need for peace among students), Dr. Sanjay Kumar Deb (His experience on peace building programmes), Sree Lakshmi (who presented a paper on “Influence of Media on PEACE. Need for Media and Information Literacy”), Shipra Mathur and Sushmanjali (PEACE – Talk & Show), Kirti Tikyani(from Mauritius), Fitsum Taye F (from Ethiopia), Mrs. Iran Gul Saihoon (from Afghanistan), Komal Agrawal Agrawal (from Nepal), Rupak Kashyap (on his journey from a student to a PEACE Leader), and by Yedhu Krishna Menon (on why he thought about a peace education and awareness programme).

The event also witnessed performances by students from Aster who also quizzed through an interactive question and answer session with the presenters.

“My religion is humanity” – A strong impactful pledge made by Dr. (Prof.) Sakhi John.

International Cultural Congress for Peace is an educational programme conducted by Helping Brainz in the summers and the winters for the students studying in Indian-metros, in which ‘a foreigner or an international student /or an ex-pat’ conducts a virtual tour about his/her country with the help of an audio or video presentations, musical slide shows etc. This programme mainly gives an Indian student more outlook and in-depth understanding about various world nations and wherein by conducting such programmes we also aim in increasing the brotherly hood relations.

Around 100+ children from Aster participated in the event, which was spearheaded by Rupak Kashyap (VP, PEACE Operations, Helping Brainz) and Kumar AbhishekPEACE Leader, Helping Brainz). The people who made a difference, for the wonderful happening of the event where, Rupak Kashyap, Vani Saxena and Kumar Abhishek (PEACE Operations, Helping Brainz), Ainee Tanwir and Vivek Vaid (Organizational Effectiveness and Development Team), Madhup Modi (Child Empowerment Leader, Helping Brainz), Anup Shanker (Public Relations Manager, Helping Brainz), Vanshita Kumar and Prateek Sudera (Interns, Helping Brainz), Sugandha Vishal Vermai, Sanjeev Verma, Sree Lakshmi , Sushmanjali Nuthalapati, Shipra Mathur and Elakshri Agarwal (Volunteers with Helping Brainz ), Ashim Borpuzari (Development Council Member, Helping Brainz) and Yedhu Krishna Menon (Founder, Helping Brainz).

This was Helping Brainz’s 82nd social and community development event. The next to come is an educational and career counselling session for the children from Dharampura Slums (West Delhi).

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Blood Donors- We connect, you save lives!



When the world was “celebrating a colourful Holi” and “worrying about platelet donations”, a young gentleman “Vineeth P. Sethu” from west Delhi thought of donating his platelets for a patient admitted in Action Balaji Hospital, Paschim Vihar. Though a regular donor, however someone who donated his platelets for the first time – didn’t step back and a waste a single minute when he was asked to do so. When asked how he felt, he just smiled and said ‘he enjoyed the music in the lab’ and post his donation he asked the Lab Assistant, whether he could donate his blood/platelets in next 72 hours. We salute bravehearts like Vineeth who is indeed an inspiration. Vineeth is interested to join the Helping Brainz’s blood donation team to help the needy.


Akanksha Singh Mattoo donated blood to a Cancer patient on 11th March, 2017. At the outset, she was quite afraid as this was her first time, but yet again like always, she soon realised that its nothing but just 20 mins that the entire process takes, and the satisfaction hence achieved is unparalleled! She met the patient’s wife and both were overwhelmed of each other’s gesture.  What people like Akanksha do, empowers women! Also, thanks to Sonal Singh for proactively being ready to donate. Thanks to both of you, for being awesome!

#WomensDay never ends, it was yesterday, it is today and it will forever be!



Ankita Srivastava, on the 10th of February donated a unit of blood to a mother, a wife and a grandmother admitted in ICU, Max Hospital. The recipient was critical and donors were being searched for, by HelpingBrainz.

Ankita, who had never earlier donated blood, volunteered to do this time and albeit is a warrior was however a bit nervous (still cheerful) that day.

Once she was under the process of bleeding, she never knew when did it all finish and never felt a tad pain. She was very happy and excited to have donated blood and wondered all the way back to her office as to why is blood donation not able to suffice the blood requirements when it just needs 20 minutes of a donor’s time and no cons at all.

We salute you for the courage that you showed and hope people learn from you.

PS: We couldn’t click you bleed!

Winter Clothes Donation Drive – Delhi

​33,518 homeless people died in Delhi between January 2004 and October 2015 because of the cold weather conditions, according to the data released by the zonal integrated police network under the union ministry. That means 3000/season and we are not sure about the status in 2015 and 2016.
The Government despite of erupting sculptures, if could have given homes to these needy with the money the common man pay as tax, then the above figure could have lowered and Helping Brainz today couldn’t have seen human beings shivering and combating the    weather conditions in the streets of Delhi.

Helping Brainz, conducted a night donation  drive where we donated clothes to the needy kids, mothers, men and age old with blankets, quilts, sweaters, bed sheets etc. We started our journey from Vasundhara Enclave (10:30 PM) after collecting clothes and blankets from Monica Rumi Ghosh and Sitalakshmi Ma’am, and the drive ended at Kalka Mandir, Kalkaji (4:00 AM). Areas covered where Bhairo Baba Mandir, Connaught Circus, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, and Kalka Mandir. People who contributed where Monica Rumi Ghosh, Sitalakshmi Sarma, Anup Shanker, Sandeep Kumar and Yedhu Krishna Menon.

A special thanks to Anup (the Helping Brain behind the event), who drove all the way and to Sandeep who volunteered for the happening. 😉

Ujjwal – Okhla – 2016

President A P J Abdul Kalam, while delivering the inaugural address at the 23rd India20161022_154419 International Trade Fair in New Delhi in November 2003 said, ‘The driving force for economic development in rural areas is providing urban amenities in rural areas and it’s the treasury of nation development’ and we at Helping Brainz thought of starting with ‘child education’.


As a step-one process, to empower the Children from the Slums of Okhla, Helping Brainz’s Child Empowerment Team conducted Ujjwal – Okhla – 2016, an event where around 140 underprivileged children from various parts of Okhla -1, participated and painted their dreams. They all were from Chiranji Lal Shiksha Samiti – Okhla Phase1, a school dedicated to child empowerment run by Shri. Bhavesh Kumar, a motivating personality in himself. This was also part of our Diwali Celebrations with the underpriviledged.


The event which was inaugurated by Dr. (Prof.) Jagtar Singh (Prof, Department of Library and Information Science, Punjabi University, Patiala; Professor-in-Charge, Bha Kahn Singh Nabha Library; President, IATLIS and SATKAL) and Prof. Rohtas Sharma (Principal, Directorate of Education School, Janak Puri, New Delhi), consisted of (a) Paint your dreams event, (b) school stationery distributions, (c) one time meal distribution, (c) music and dance show by children and (d) dental health check for all the children.  Prof. Jagtar and Prof. Rohtas talked about ‘education’ and ‘child empowerment’; and strongly mentioned about its importance in the process of empowerment.


The entire event was orchestrated by Pankaj Jha, Sandeep Kumar and Navotsana Shubhangi Sharma (Child Empowerment Leaders, Helping Brainz), the school stationery items and the meals were sponsored by Maitreyee Dasgupta, Aayushi Dhiman and Ajit Mahapatra; prizes were sponsored by Neha Agarwal and Rahul Arora from Ameriprise Financials, Gurgaon; and dental health check campaigns were conducted by Dr. Nidhi Garg and Dr. Ieshita Misra.


Others who contributed their best to make this event happen were, Ritu Raj Ji (NGOsIndia), Ajit Mahapatra (Ameriprise Financials, Gurgaon) and Prashant Bhaskar (Healtians),  Ainee Tanwir (VP – Organizational Effectiveness), Rupak Kashyap (VP – Peace programmes, Helping Brainz), Vivek Vaid (Manager- Operations, Helping Brainz), Pratik Bishen (Manager – Marketing, Helping Brainz), Priyanka Dewadas (Manager – International Relations & Internships, Helping Brainz), and Yedhu Krishna Menon (Founder, Helping Brainz).


Now as a step – two, Helping Brainz will be conducting a series of teaching programmes led by Pankaj Jha, educational and career counselling sessions led by Vikas Jain and Somnath Shukla, followed by Peace Programmes led by Rupak Kashyap within next 3 months. This was the 71st event orchestrated by Helping Brainz in 220 Saturdays of community service, and the 32nd child empowerment project. Our next child empowerment event (Ujjwal Meerut 2016) will be held on Nov 12th in Partapur Village, Meerut for around 400+ underpriviledged children.


Old Age Visit & Innovations-  Lucknow

​Girls (Helping Brainz) from Lucknow made a difference. 

Helping Brainz Team Members from Lucknow  (fortunately all ladies) made a difference by giving a difference approach to the traditional old age home visits, which even Helping Brainz was practicing till date.

– 6 young ladies from Helping Brainz Lucknow made a visit to Dorothy Croshwaite Homes where we have 13 grandmas and pas, in whom we’ve guitarists, martial arts experts, novelists, voracious readers and singers, and after all they are experienced souls.

– Helping Brainz contingent was lead Ainee Tanwir, who is the VP for Organisational Development and Effectiveness at Helping Brainz and she also spearheads the Lucknow operations (Ainee is a nutrition science student at Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow). 

– Now our young innovators designed a packet of food for age old, calculating and analyzing the consumption, did some fund raising, delivered the product.

– The sang, danced and played games to make them forget their sorrow. .

– Ladies who made a difference are 

  •  Fatima Naqvi – A Class 12th Commerce Student 
  • Swati Chaudhary – Who just graduated and is preparing for competitive exams
  • Apoorva Singh – Just completed PGDHRM from Lucknow University
  • Divya Nagar – A Teacher
  • Nidhi Singh – Pursuing LLB 2nd year from Lucknow University. Nidhi is a registered Helping Brainz volunteer and a former Chapter Leader of Helping Brainz in Lucknow.
  • & Ainee Tanwir.

This was our first event in Helping Brainz and we are highly motivated by the contributions made by our ladies.

Old Age Home Visit to Sai Sahara Old Age Home 

​Old age homes are still a mystery for us. How can someone send the ones, to an old age home, who made them learn to walk and talk? By the invent of technology, and people being more globalized the count of old age homes are rapidly increasing in urban areas/ metros however surprisingly in rural areas – but why?

Does that also mean that we’re more loving the materialistic world than the natural ones? 

Anyway we at Helping Brainz made a sudden plan to celebrate “Teacher’s Day” (as we don’t want a day to celebrate our love for our teachers JUST on a specific day however 365 days are teacher’s  day for us, we thought of celebrating the same with few who graduated from the university called “life”) Sai Sahara Old Age Home in Rajendra Place run by Dr.Rajeshwari. Vibhesh Anand, Vivek Vaid, Vikas Vaid, Pratik Bishen and Yedhu paid a visit to the old age home, donated some groceries had an awesome tea made by a grandpa, stretched the wrinkles and walked back home with the same sort of questions and to be honest it was sad to see them saying them a goodbye and waving hands till the time we were getting lost into the darkness.

Groceries were bought by Vibhesh Anand and Team Helping Brainz, and the medicines by Dr.Sanjay Deb (as it was a quick plan, a special thanks to them).

Let’s love our elders n parents, wherein not ONLY on specific dates, HOWEVER always. 

Old Age Home Visit – Nai Duniya

“How can one send their parents to an old age home – how can a parent leave their kids in an orphanage – a Question which stings after HelpingBrainz.Org visits any related shelters”

HelpingBrainz.Org Old Age Home Visit 1

HelpingBrainz.Org’s Elderly Care team to show its commitment towards the senior citizens of the country and in its mission to improve the lives of the elderly by providing companionship, visited an old age home on Sunday called ‘Nai Duniya – Old Age Home’ located in Azad Nagar East – East Delhi, run by Sunil Sehgal and his son. As the name suggests the old age home which also acts as a destination for the orphaned and abandoned, provides a new form of life with the help of unprecedented love, care and affection provided by ‘Nai Duniya – Old Age Home’. There are more than 50+ inhabitants, which includes age old, orphaned kids and youths.

HelpingBrainz.Org Old Age Home Visit 2

HelpingBrainz.Org in association with the helping hands (Contributers) donated Fruits, Grocery Items and Snacks to the inhabitants of ‘Nai Duniya – Old Age Home’ and the people who contributed were Neha Agarwal – Rahul Arora & Team, Aarsh Dua, Prabhakar Dwivedi, Vandana Mishra, Md. Muzaffar Yunus and Vijay Singh from Ameriprise Financials, Gurgaon; Dr.Renu Verma (Noida); Brijbhan Chaurasia (Prayatna Ek Koshish); Pratik Bishen (Manager, Public Relations – HelpingBrainz.Org), Gitanshu Khurana (Project Leader, Community Development Initiatives – HelpingBrainz.Org), Navotsana Shubhangi (Child Empowerment Leader, – HelpingBrainz.Org), Vivek Vaid (Operations Manager – HelpingBrainz.Org), Prapti Dhingra and Sanjeev Verma (Volunteer – HelpingBrainz.Org), and Yedhu YedhuKrishna Menon (Founder – HelpingBrainz.Org) from HelpingBrainz.Org.

HelpingBrainz.Org Old Age Home Visit 3

[ Helping Brainz’s elderly care team led by Jyoti Suchye and Vivek Vaid (a Sr.Software Engineer in Wipro, Delhi) has been successful in building meaningful relationships with elderly members of the community and broaden their own understanding of various elder-related issues by conducting biweekly visits to retirement homes, daytime elder-care centers and old age homes ].

HelpingBrainz.Org Old Age Home Visit 4
—————- Click here for PICS

This was HelpingBrainz.Org’s 65 event (we call it CADP – community awareness and development project) conducted on 203rd Sunday of social work. To be a part of the HelpingBrainz.Org’s Elderly Care team logon to HelpingBrainz.Org/GI and register yourself.

Anti-Tobacco Campaign – Madanpur Khadar

HelpingBrainz.Org’s Community Health Awareness Team (‪#‎CHAT‬) in association with HCLT Foundations conducted an anti-tobacco campaign at EFRAH, Madanpur Khadar. In our earlier events, we have come across lot many mothers complaining about their children getting addicted to drugs/and tobacco eating. In this juncture, HelpingBrainz.Org’s Community Health Awareness Team led by Dr.Vasundhara Aggarwal orchestrated a community health campaign concentrating mainly on ‘problems caused after chewing tobacco”. Around 30+ people from various parts of Madanpur Khadar participated in the 60 mins talk show.


Dr. Nidhi Garg (Dentist, Vikas Puri – New Delhi), Dr. Ieshita Misra (Dentist, Dilshad Garden – New Delhi) along with DrVasundhara Aggarwal led the talk – shows, presentations and videos mainly concentrating on making the crowd aware about the ‘diseases, harmful effects caused by chewing tobacco). Abhinav Vikash (Project Coordinator, HCLT Foundations), YedhuKrishna Menon (Founder, HelpingBrainz.Org) and Volunteers from HCLT Foundations added colours to the event.


This was HelpingBrainz.Org’s ‪#‎63rd‬ community development event. HelpingBrainz.Org’s Community Health Awareness Team in association with HCLT Foundations will be conducting a series of such campaigns in the underpriviledged sections of Delhi NCR. To be a part of the team, please logon to HelpingBrainz.Org/GI



Ujjwal Arookutty, Alappuzha, Kerala

HelpingBrainz.Org in association with Disha Global, Kochi conducted “Ujjwal -a day with chotus” for 30+ underprivileged kids at  Manam Memorial Nursery School (run by NSS Karyogam),  located at Arookutty, Alapuzha. The school which provides quality education to the kids from below poverty line families of Arookutty, is located near the banks of the backwaters.

UGK_7859 copy

The event consisted of Paint Your Dreams painting competition, distribution of school stationery items, music and talk shows. The school stationery items were sponsored by HelpingBrainz.Org.

UGK_7755 copy

The event was orchestrated by Kirthi Nair (Kerala Chapter Leader, HelpingBrainz.Org) and Dr.Ullas Kalappura (Social Development Consultant, HelpingBrainz.Org). People who contributed and participated in the successful completion of the events were Dr. Mohan B.Menon (Former Assistant Vice Chancellor,  Wasawan National Open University,  Penang Malaysia), Dr.Rathi Menon (Retired Professor and HoD, St.Xaviers College,  Aluwa), S.Gopinathan Nair (NSS Karayogam President,  Arookutty), Ravindranathan Nair (NSS Karayogam Treasurer,  Arookutty), Ishack Rahman (Department of Mechanical Engineering,  CUSAT, Ernakulam), Devika B. Hemant (Model Engineering College, Thrikakkara), Geetha Sivadas and Mini Mohan (Teachers at Manam Memorial School,  Arookutty), and Yedhukrishna Menon ( Founder, HelpingBrainz.Org).

UGK_7689 copy

Team HelpingBrainz.Org’s Kerala Chapter invites applications from volunteers who can teach /and provide vocational training for the kids, interested can send their profiles to help@helpingbrainz.org

UGK_7775 copy


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