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Newest Helping Brainz

Our new teammates are Gaurav Kumar, Venkateshan, Siddharth, Anu Deshwal Chaudhary, Vineeth Malayil Sadanandan, Nidhi Menon, Sreelakshmi, Shipra Mathur, Shivasni Bhatt, Vanshita Kumar and Prateek Sudera.

Gaurav Kumar is based out of Meerut, UP and is joining us as Team Member.

Venkateshan is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra and is joining us as Team Member.

Siddharth is from Dillwalo ki Dilli and is joining us as Volunteer.

Anu Deshwal Chaudhary is based out of Muzzafarnagar, UP and will be leading the Women and Child Empowerment Team as a Leader.

Vineeth Malayil Sadanandan is based out of New Delhi and he joins us as the Website Manager at HelpingBrainz. He will be leading the Organization Development and Effectiveness Team.

Nidhi Menon is based out of Kochi, Kerala and she joins us as the Chapter Leader of Kochi Chapter of HelpingBrainz.

Sreelakshmi, Shipra Mathur and Shivasni Bhatt are from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. All the three of them will be leading the UNESCO'S MIL Programmes for HelpingBrainz. All three were volunteers with us.

Vanshita Kumar and Prateek Sudera were interns with us and seeing their good work and enthusiasm HelpingBrainz thought of absorbing them into the core team. They join us as Social Media Managers.

#108 VanitaJyoti – Annamanada

#108 VanitaJyoti – Workshop on the art of soap and detergent making for the Kerala flood affected women

HelpingBrainz in association with Herbal Sutras and Annamanada Grama Panchayat conducted a workshop on Soap and Detergent making for the flood affected women from Annamanada, Southern Thrissur. 35 women from Annamanada participated in the event, which was inaugurated by Panchayat Member P.O. Poulose, Community Development Society Chairperson Shini Sudhakaran, and Local KPMS Committee Member Raju.

The 2-hour workshop was led by Lakshmi Sreenath, Founder Herbal Sutras who taught the art of herbal soap and detergent making and provided the women with learning manuals (with 6 different formulations of soap making) and precautionary kits. Event was orchestrated and led by @Sindhu Shibu and Nidhi P. Menon (from Helping Brainz Kerala). Prasanth Venugopal, Shibu, Rahul Menon, Madhav Menon, Aavyukt Menon and Geeta Prakash volunteered for the beautiful happening of the event.

This was our maiden event in scope of rebuilding Kerala and we’re overwhelmed to see the wholehearted participation from everyone who participated in the event, especially those who attended the event to learn a way of earning, as many of them are still housed in the Panchayat offices as they lost their houses during the floods.

In the coming days, Helping Brainz in Kerala will be conducting similar kind of workshops for the flood affected beings, thereby making them able to enough to start a way of earning.

With Love from Aster-Noida, for Kerala


Aster Public School Noida Extension, was one of the school which supported the ‘school children affected by Kerala Floods’. HelpingBrainz through their ‘Art of Giving Back’ programme, requested Aster to support the victims of the flood.

Under the scope of this programme, school children from the urban areas support children from the rural and underprivileged areas, thereby ibculcating the habbit of ‘giving back’ from their school days. With the support of School Principal and their ever supportive staff, children from Aster, Noida were motivated to collect school stationery items and related stuffs for the affected and underprivileged children from Kerala. The stuffs packed and transported by Helping Brainz.

We salute the students and teachers for their dedication and hardwork. Thanks to Aster Noida and to Helping Brainz Team Members Unnat Bansal, Neha Babu, Surbhi Dhingra and Pragya Aggarwal who dedicated their weekends for the cause.

Anti-Tobacco Campaign – Madanpur Khadar

HelpingBrainz.Org’s Community Health Awareness Team (‪#‎CHAT‬) in association with HCLT Foundations conducted an anti-tobacco campaign at EFRAH, Madanpur Khadar. In our earlier events, we have come across lot many mothers complaining about their children getting addicted to drugs/and tobacco eating. In this juncture, HelpingBrainz.Org’s Community Health Awareness Team led by Dr.Vasundhara Aggarwal orchestrated a community health campaign concentrating mainly on ‘problems caused after chewing tobacco”. Around 30+ people from various parts of Madanpur Khadar participated in the 60 mins talk show.


Dr. Nidhi Garg (Dentist, Vikas Puri – New Delhi), Dr. Ieshita Misra (Dentist, Dilshad Garden – New Delhi) along with DrVasundhara Aggarwal led the talk – shows, presentations and videos mainly concentrating on making the crowd aware about the ‘diseases, harmful effects caused by chewing tobacco). Abhinav Vikash (Project Coordinator, HCLT Foundations), YedhuKrishna Menon (Founder, HelpingBrainz.Org) and Volunteers from HCLT Foundations added colours to the event.


This was HelpingBrainz.Org’s ‪#‎63rd‬ community development event. HelpingBrainz.Org’s Community Health Awareness Team in association with HCLT Foundations will be conducting a series of such campaigns in the underpriviledged sections of Delhi NCR. To be a part of the team, please logon to HelpingBrainz.Org/GI



Marketing Place Event by Helping Brainz

Marketing Place Event by Helping Brainz

A marketing place event (or MPE) mainly focusses in helping a family from a rural area, to cater/market their products in the urban market. MPE is mainly driven by the Community Development Team as well as the Marketing Management Team of Helping Brainz.

Nidhi is a 21 year old girl from the slums of Madanpur Khadar, she’s a graduate from Delhi University. Nidhi’s parents make their fortune by selling candles, and want to make all their 4 children to be well educated and settled, and they have succeeded upto an extent, wherein they want the youngest one to be a doctor. Nidhi’s mother expressed the same wish with a tearful eyes to Team Helping Brainz during the rural educational counselling event held at Madanpur Khadar, wherein Team Helping Brainz gave the family an assurance to help them sell their products in the urban markets.

On the eve of Diwali, Team Helping Brainz helped Nidhi’s family from Madanpur Khadar to light their lives by helping them in selling variety of candles at Ameriprise Financial Inc, Gurgaon. Team Helping Brainz first met Nidhi and her mother at an educational counselling session held in the summers of 2015 at EFRAH Madanpur Khadar, an event coordinated by Abhinav Vikash from HCLT Foundations, conducted and facilitated by the Rural Educational Counselling Team of Helping Brainz led by Somnath Shukla (Project Head, RECT – Helping Brainz.Org).

MPE was coordinated by Pratik Bishen from Helping Brainz ( Pratik is a 3rd year BBA student who works as a Social Business Development Manager for Helping Brainz).

Identity Drive at Nithari

I think every person has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is what is really beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring, – a famous quote by  – Tila Tequila.
Though the sun was scorching at it’s best, at 41 degree Celsius, Helping Brainz team-members didn’t step back in their mission to create an identity for those who are even clueless about their date of birth/birth place.


Helping Brainz in coordination with the gram panchayat Nithari, helped the government, on 31st May 2015, by visiting the darkened and untouched slums located in the outskirts of Nithari Village and sector 31 Noida, gathering information (personal information) from about 200 residents (majority of them residing in the slums). These people don’t possess any id proofs (no ration cards, Aadhar cards, voter id cards etc) nor do they have any clue about their date of birth, in a nutshell they don’t know anything about their identity. Collated information would be validated and transferred to the District Magistrate via Gram Pradhan Nithari Shri Vimlesh Sharma. Once it gets vetted by the DM, then we would be facilitating identity registration drive (Aadhar Card and Ration Card) in coordination with the BLOs of Noida, at Noida Sector 31 – Government School.

Why we did this campaign:
An identity proof speaks about a person’s identity. Majority of the people living in the underpriviledged areas of India, doesn’t have any identity proof to claim their identity and they became a tool for most of the illegal activities and social menaces sponsored by the priviledged class of the society, priviledged class which includes the political mafias, local goons etc . Also, some corrupted politicians use them while elections to enhance the count of votes by luring them with short-time money.
These people cannot even apply for a job without since they don’t have an identity proof, thus the self-development process becomes stagnant resulting in poverty and unemployment.
Who all contributed :

From Helping Brainz Sujata Kapoor, Vice President for Rural and Community Development Activities at Helping Brainz led the event, also present were Shubhangi Srivastava and Pratik Raj Bishen (Project Leader (s), Women Empowerment), Gitanshu Khurana (Project Leader, Rural and Community Development Activities), Rupak Kashyap (Vice President , International Peace Programmes), Ankur Khandelwal ( Vice President, Healthcare Awareness Campaigns), Tanveer Alam ( Rehan) ( Project Manager, Environment and Elderly Care Programmes), Shibin Varghese(Project Leader, Environment and Elderly Care Programmes) andYedhuKrishna Menon contributed voluntarily for the cause.
Shri Vimlesh Sharma ( Gram Pradhan Gautam Budh Nagar) and her associate Vikky Sharma facilitated the events.
Gaurav Srivastava and Akash Pandey, volunteered for the event.

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