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Our new teammates are Gaurav Kumar, Venkateshan, Siddharth, Anu Deshwal Chaudhary, Vineeth Malayil Sadanandan, Nidhi Menon, Sreelakshmi, Shipra Mathur, Shivasni Bhatt, Vanshita Kumar and Prateek Sudera.

Gaurav Kumar is based out of Meerut, UP and is joining us as Team Member.

Venkateshan is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra and is joining us as Team Member.

Siddharth is from Dillwalo ki Dilli and is joining us as Volunteer.

Anu Deshwal Chaudhary is based out of Muzzafarnagar, UP and will be leading the Women and Child Empowerment Team as a Leader.

Vineeth Malayil Sadanandan is based out of New Delhi and he joins us as the Website Manager at HelpingBrainz. He will be leading the Organization Development and Effectiveness Team.

Nidhi Menon is based out of Kochi, Kerala and she joins us as the Chapter Leader of Kochi Chapter of HelpingBrainz.

Sreelakshmi, Shipra Mathur and Shivasni Bhatt are from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. All the three of them will be leading the UNESCO'S MIL Programmes for HelpingBrainz. All three were volunteers with us.

Vanshita Kumar and Prateek Sudera were interns with us and seeing their good work and enthusiasm HelpingBrainz thought of absorbing them into the core team. They join us as Social Media Managers.

Elderly Care Projects



An unsatisfied and unsuccessful attempt to rescue an old age from the roads of Delhi – our first operation of such a kind after 2 years (first was to rescue child beggars in 2012 along with Shilpi Rana and her friends from Amity University, Noida) by ‪#‎HelpingBrainz‬
– however we are happy that did something, and got a new learning,
– we will one day rescue all age old and child beggars.
1.56PM on Sunday 28th September, I received a call from Shibin Vargheese (an employee at GB PANT Hospital), asking us to help in saving an age old lady at Khan Market. Shibin, was going home after his work when he saw this lady. She is a 60+year old woman, who was not properly dressed (with torn clothes), and she was becoming a matter of unhealthy criticism and blather for all the people who was standing in Khan Market. Shibin Varghese Madukakuzhy, who was a messenger of God for that lady, thought of taking a risk in helping her, however he didn’t know how to proceed, though he had all the will, he immediately Googled and found our connects, and I received a call from him at 1.56PM.

I was at East Delhi, and was clueless how to proceed. I created a message on WhatsApp group-broadcasted it, as well as posted it in Facebook. Also, I provided the contact details of an Old Age Home from South Delhi to Shibin. Though we communicated with the Old Age Home, they asked us to call 100 and register the case, from there they would take care. Shibin arranged an ambulance from St.Stephens, however the lady was not willing to board the same, so he took her to the Tuglak Road Police Station in an ‘auto’.

Well, at our end I received 2 immediate calls from my most trusted lieutenants Preeja Nair and Pankaj Jha– who immediately packed/rushed to the spot, and all support message from Ravin Sharma. Also, I got immediate directions from my legal spearheads ‪#‎Muzzafar‬ Yunus and Govind Chaturvedi(both Delhi based lawyers), how to proceed. I received all wholehearted help from Kv Hamza Sir in arranging the ambulance via Suresh Sir from ‪#‎Safdarjung‬ Hospital. Vishwanath Madhu connected me with all known-to OLD AGE HOMES Immediately. I called ‪#‎Pramod‬ Sir (a police officer with Delhi Police), who connected me with Sunir Sir (SI- Tuglak Road Police Station), who then connected me with Dinesh Sir (Sr.SI- Tuglak Road Police Station) , station in charge. – A big thanks to all. (..and for a small wholehearted pat on my back by ‪#‎amma‬ (Ambika))

We 3 reached the police station by 4.30PM and found Shibin guarding that lady wholeheartedly along with the Women Police officer. I wrote a letter to the station in charge to take care of her, as we didn’t know what to do, however he said why are we doing such things? Our outcomes? He asked can you clean Delhi? I said one day we WILL CLEAN INDIA.

The station in charge agreed to take her to RML, and after that to a hospital at Dilshad Garden, however the police didn’t have an ambulance to take her. So asked us to arrange an ambulance. In this instinct the lady ran away from the station to a near by temple, kept 160Rs she had- on the temple doors (I guess from begging) cleaned the nearby area of temple, spread her blanket and laid down her-which showed that she is not mentally disturbed, Preeja/Shibin/Pankaj- stood up to guard the lady (though no police officers were interested too), wherein I was answering the questions from Safdarjung Hospital/ Police Station/Old Age homes at the station verandah. I called SHOEWS and Hamza sir from Dnipcare for help, however HamzaSir was very much proactive and he immediately helped us in arranging an ambulance from Safdarjung Hospital. After lot of negotiations the ambulance arrived however when it reached the police station the lady refused to go in the ambulance, and ran away back to the police station. Then the same police officer said he would take care of this and asked us to leave, after consoling us.

What we learned from this is :
  • whenever you see such a case, without being a part of the criticism, try helping her/him.
  • don’t give money, buy some food and clothe them.
  • If you want to extend your help,
    – call 100 for police support (compulsory), tell them about the same, they’re supposed to take care of them.
  • If you are in Delhi you can call us at 9212840007 (Mon to Friday – 5am to 7pm, Saturday- 5am to 12am, and Sunday – 24 hours) , we can help you with volunteers and ambulance, plus old age home support.
  • If you are going for a support service, carry First Aid, Gloves and Masks with you.

Shared on Facebook. Please read this 🙂

Our Initiatives

  • Vriddha Sewa –  OldAge Home Visits
  • Nistaar –  Rescue Operations
  • Karuna –  Fund Raising Programmes
  • Monthly Medical Camps – Chikitsa-Shivir

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If you wish to get associated please connect with sandeep.kumar@helpingbrainz.org || Phone:- +91-9286669947


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