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Let us take this opportunity to invite Kirti Kumari Tikyani to Helping Brainz family. She actually was a guest speaker for one of the Helping Brainz event on PEACE, wherein she spoke specifically about Mauritius. Being impressed with the modus operandi of Helping Brainz, she expressed her will to work with Helping Brainz especially in the field of Public Health and Hygiene, she along with the same will be presenting our first paper on Health Information Literacy Drives at UNESCOS MIL.

Kirti is a Dietician/Nutrition Counselor with the leading hospitals of Delhi NCR. She completed her Masters from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She holds dual citizenship (Mauritian and India).

Get Involved

Helping Brainz is a team of people from various walks of life united together under one umbrella for self and community development. Work force who run Helping Brainz mainly consists of students, teachers, home-makers and working professionals, who utilize their skill set for nation and community development programmes on a weekend.

Helping Brainz Team-mates dedicates their weekends (either Saturday or Sunday) for community development, if you believe in rising by lifting others  join the league of change-makers at Helping Brainz as :-

  • A Project Leader or a ChangeMaker : To become a project leader or a core team-member you need to register yourself as a core-member. Once you register yourself as a project leader you become a part of the core team. You would be assigned projects associated to a cause or organizational development. After one year successful working, a Project Leader is promoted as a Project Manager, then as a Project Head. To register yourself as a project leader, Click here

For further details you may also write to ainee.tanwir@helpingbrainz.org

  • A Volunteer : If you can’t devote a weekend, however just wish to be a part of our programmes/campaigns, then you can nominate yourself as a volunteer. A Volunteer at HelpingBrainz.Org is never awarded with any responsibilities. To join us as a volunteer, Click here.

For further details you may also write to ainee.tanwir@helpingbrainz.org

  • An Intern : If you are student ( students here mean, students who have passed their secondary school certificate can only apply for this role), and wish to devote your leisure time, vacation or internship period for a noble cause, you are at the right place. To register yourself as an intern, Click here.

For further details you may also write to ainee.tanwir@helpingbrainz.org

  • An Organizational Partner : If you are part of an organization ( Corporate, NGO, Community Service Council, Corporate Social Responsibility Council, Society, Trust ,Youth Organization, Manufacturer or Wholesaler however not a political organization and wish to get associated with HelpingBrainz.Org, then kindly ), Click here.

For further details you may also write to help@helpingbrainz.org

  • A Teacher : Utilize your weekends to empower underpriviledged students. You can enroll yourself as a Teacher with TeachWithHelpingBrainz programme to teach the underpriviledged kids. To register yourself as a Teacher, Click here.

For further details you may also write to help@helpingbrainz.org

Just use your capability to help the needy, and see miracles happening!

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