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Let us take this opportunity to invite Kirti Kumari Tikyani to Helping Brainz family. She actually was a guest speaker for one of the Helping Brainz event on PEACE, wherein she spoke specifically about Mauritius. Being impressed with the modus operandi of Helping Brainz, she expressed her will to work with Helping Brainz especially in the field of Public Health and Hygiene, she along with the same will be presenting our first paper on Health Information Literacy Drives at UNESCOS MIL.

Kirti is a Dietician/Nutrition Counselor with the leading hospitals of Delhi NCR. She completed her Masters from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She holds dual citizenship (Mauritian and India).

Regional Teams

Keerthi Nair
Chapter Leader - Kochi
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Archana Rajendran
Chapter Leader - Bangalore
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Kumar Madhuraj
Chapter Leader - Bihar
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Utsav Anand
Chapter Leader - Meerut
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Manjeet Kaur
Chapter Leader - Kurukshetra
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