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Our new teammates are Gaurav Kumar, Venkateshan, Siddharth, Anu Deshwal Chaudhary, Vineeth Malayil Sadanandan, Nidhi Menon, Sreelakshmi, Shipra Mathur, Shivasni Bhatt, Vanshita Kumar and Prateek Sudera.

Gaurav Kumar is based out of Meerut, UP and is joining us as Team Member.

Venkateshan is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra and is joining us as Team Member.

Siddharth is from Dillwalo ki Dilli and is joining us as Volunteer.

Anu Deshwal Chaudhary is based out of Muzzafarnagar, UP and will be leading the Women and Child Empowerment Team as a Leader.

Vineeth Malayil Sadanandan is based out of New Delhi and he joins us as the Website Manager at HelpingBrainz. He will be leading the Organization Development and Effectiveness Team.

Nidhi Menon is based out of Kochi, Kerala and she joins us as the Chapter Leader of Kochi Chapter of HelpingBrainz.

Sreelakshmi, Shipra Mathur and Shivasni Bhatt are from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. All the three of them will be leading the UNESCO'S MIL Programmes for HelpingBrainz. All three were volunteers with us.

Vanshita Kumar and Prateek Sudera were interns with us and seeing their good work and enthusiasm HelpingBrainz thought of absorbing them into the core team. They join us as Social Media Managers.

Testimonial by a Friend

People out there……many are sick…many don’t care….many don’t bother……many just talk…..many just think….. But there are some people out there who not only think, talk and care, but also take the initiative to make the world a better place…..educate people to be better….. Yedhu…you are the shining star in the galaxy……enriching and enlighting the life of the one, who are there, because somewhere, someone like you, is there……burning the candle of hope and happiness
It is important to honour protect the pride of country,the women of the country.These organisations work to serve the country and to uplift the weaker section of the society thereby developing the country.
he world today is a small village in which we need to bind each an every person in a single social bond and i think this is the best way to achieve this goal.

As Gandhiji said: to bring the change, be the change…so in my perspective such organizations give us the platform to bring some change in the society as well as bring some positive changes in our lives.
Today world is facing severe problem so we need such organizations to cure it
This world is becoming dirty and people are getting worst so for betterment of this world we need such organizations.

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